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Honeyspring Projects specializes in Business Presence Coordination. we help company representatives and entrepreneurs to maximize their visits, by arranging meetings with relevant contacts persons on the grounds of professional exhibitions and trade fairs.   Whether you are preparing for your first exhibition, have experienced limited success arranging meetings in the past, or simply have better things to focus on - we are here to make sure you have the best opening shot for your next trip.

Maayan Meir

  As the owner of Honeyspring Projects, I offer you services and skills I've perfected over 20 years as a producer and project manager. Among other things, I have produced television series and commercials, represented and coordinated former employers on-site for various events, and served as an operations manager for touristic projects. For the past 12 years I’ve lived in Berlin, Germany, and my knowledge of the German language and understanding of the local culture have been to the benefit of my clients.
Additional services include travel arrangements, launching and welcome parties on or off grounds, additional trade fair services such as exhibition hosts and caterers.
We locate the relevant contacts who attend the event, creating a useful database.
using your internal system or our technology solution, we send out initial and follow-up emails, and follow-up by phone, according to a pre-planned workflow we build with you. If needed, our representatives will communicate with your end client in their native language.
End Result
We provide you with a clear schedule and brief you on every contact person or company you will meet during your visit.

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