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  • Increasing visit effectivity: a visit to an exhibition can serve as a great marketing springboard, when used correctly. By pre-arranging scheduled appointments and reliance on local suppliers for the purpose of producing graphic and other materials for your meetings, you will be able to make the most of every day during your visit.
  • Local representation: coordinating vis-à-vis local officials may be very demanding, and much can be lost in translation and communication difficulties. Let us organize all your business needs from A to Z, and make all the little details connect to a big efficient picture.
  • Thinking outside the box: What will make your business stand out above the others during a vibrant trade fair? Sometimes, investing small amounts for the right purpose will make you visible to the customers you seek. A small event you may choose to organize on or off the exhibition site, or even a meal at a chosen restaurant or beer garden, will be more memorable and effective than a display booth. It will be our pleasure to contribute our Berlin know-how in order to create the right experience for your business.


Our office is located 5 minute away from Berlin’s Trade Fair Center. Therefore we can offer high availability and accessibility.[:]