About Us

Honeyspring Projects is a service located in Berlin, specializing in tourism and gastronomy. Amongst other projects, we have excecuted group visits to the City, business visits to professional exhibitions and events, and various street food and pop-up restaurant projects. The company operates on the basis of years of experience working in the local market, and a professional and uncompromising approach to the execution of projects.

About The Owner

The Company is owned and managed by Maayan Meir, a project manager with many years of experience. In the past, Maayan served as Head of the Production Department in Israel’s largest animation studio, and has produced many animation series in Israel as well as in Germany. Also, for four years, she served as Director of Operations of an incoming tourism company in Berlin. Throughout her career, Ms. Meir has executed various events, participation in exhibitions and culinary initiatives. Our staff is fluent in German, English and Hebrew and experienced and familiar with the local business culture.
Trade Fair Visits and Business Trips
Management of your professional trip to a local trade fair. Increasing your visit effectivity by pre-arranging vis-à-vis the local organizers, suppliers, and potential clients. Producing an out-of-the-box activity or event for your potential customers. Read more...
Incoming Tourism Operation
A service directed at Incoming tourism offices. We will operate a large scale or VIP group as an outsourcing force. Managing client communication, assembling the group’s program and coordinate with suppliers.
Culinary Projects
Assistance with establishing your culinary project in Berlin – Pop up, Market booth, locality or Event. We will walk you through the elaborate German administrative demands and assist you with the realization of your initiative.

Contact / Imprint

Maayan Meir Danckelmannstrasse 58
14059 Berlin
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E-mail: office@honeyspring-projects.com Phone: +49-176-84498537